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Healthy employees, healthy company!


We are more than just a place where you come to train. We are a gym where you will discover and exceed your limits. Discover today the club for all your benefits where quality, energetic atmosphere and unprecedented perseverance is our standard. Welcome to Arends Health Club. 

We have the best technology to make sure that you get the best result. Such as our own app through which guide our clients. Every 6 weeks we have a personal coaching moment. During this coaching moment we do a body analysis on the inbody 770 and give nutrition guidance.

The results of this coaching are being adjusted into the training schedule. In the gym, we immmediately show these adjustments so that the exercises are performed correctly.

We are specialized in guiding people with injuries and chronic illness such as rheumatism and hernia. It is of great importance for these people to keep them working out or to support them in starting working out. The aim is reducing complaints, getting more energy and thus a better performance at work.


— Use your business discount now


Awg. 85,00 per month

Contract duration 1 year

Unlimited open gym and group lessons

Body analysis every 6 weeks

Nutritional guidance every 6 weeks

Every 6 weeks we adjust your training schedule and guide you

Your employer cares about your health

14 day money back guarantee!

Transfer service


My business discount is a special sport promotion for employees of companies affiliated with Arends Health Club. The aim of this collaboration is that employees, with a 32% discount (Awg.85,00 instead of Awg.125,00 per month), can work on their health, which will have a positive influence on the workplace and in daily life.

Arends Health Club is more than just a place where you come to work out. We are a gym where you will discover your limits - and push them. Discover today the gym facility for all your employees' benefits where quality, energetic atmosphere and ongoing perseverance is the standard.


Boost Your Metabolism

You will keep burning calories 24 hours after your workout. Yeah, we love this part too!

Effective Energy Use

Start your day actively, fall asleep faster and experience better sleep quality. Thus less stress, yeah!

Build Muscle Mass

By tackling every muscle group, you train for your ultimate fit body.


Are you interested in the My business discount? Quickly check whether your employer is already affiliated with Arends Health Club. Many employers on the island are participating, so there is a good chance that yours is one of them.

Introduce my business discount at work!

Are you thinking about introducing my business discount within your company? That is not difficult however, your employer will probably have a number of questions. For example, what should such a regulation look like? And what else should they take into account?


Have your employer email us at and we will process the application within 1 business day, so that you can start exercising with the discount and we can answer any further questions.

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