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We make it easier than ever for you!

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Our app is the solution to get your results faster and within reach.This with the support of our trainers. Arrive and check in with our app when to enter the gym.The app allows you to see your appointments; register for group lessons; check opening hours and your training schedule. You can also keep track on the nutrition app, watch videos on demand, manage your invoices and more. 


Personal Schedule Coach

Our trainers make a training schedule for all customers who would like this. You can see this in the app.

For customers who want to train independently, we also have different training schedules with different purposes. In addition, you can also create your own training schedule and keep track of your weight, goals and results.

Research shows that if you train structurally you will achieve your goal faster than if you do a completely different repetition, series and / or weight every time.

Personal Coach guidance

With our nutrition app you can make and plan meals. You can also track your nutrition. Even if you cannot find a product in the app, you can scan the product you have at home and it will be added. Based on this, our trainers will be able to provide personal guidance within your nutrition plan. The diet is very important no matter what the purpose. Whether it's losing weight, building muscles or staying fit and healthy. 

Fitness Videos On Demand

Fitness Videos on Demand is for when you don't have time to physically get to the gym. This gives you the possibility to keep exercising at home. That is why we have added video on demand to our app. You can stream the lessons from the app to your television and stay fit that way.

Even if you go on vacation, this is a perfect solution in combination with our training schedule. It is possible to customize this option to better fit your needs at home or on vacation. 

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